Open Day 2013

DSCF35888th October 2013 Open Day for students ninth grade, was held in the Transport Academy, Rosinská cesta 2, Žilina.

Our school attended about 190 primary school pupils The school counselors and parents were also among the guests. The visitors were welcomed by the school principal Ing. Rudolf Michalec, who presented the academic and vocational courses for the academic year 2014/2015, our school activities, the success achieved by our students and about the future prospects of our school. He mentioned the Professional Training Centre on Košická cesta 2 in Žilina, where students are prepared in the professional field. In his speech, he reminded the pupils that the right choice of secondary school is a very important one for their future lives.

The speech was followed by a cultural program. Beautiful music, beautiful poise and dynamism characterized the performance of majorette Veronika Pokryvková from II. DP class. Fero Bačinský and Lukáš Jánošík from III.AP performed traditional folk songs from Terchovská and magical accordion tunes played by Juraj Kvočka from III . BM class earned him great applause. Paul Julény, our former student, and Kristína Zvaríková from I.DP presented dance choreography to modern contemporary music. Great admiration gained Radoslav Ježík from III.DP class for his excellent command of yo-yo.

After the cultural program, our school video presentation and handing out promotional materials, our students showed the visitors around the school, school dormitory  and driving school training area and the visitors had chance to participate in the foreign language and vocational lessons. The transport was provided for those who wished to attend the Professional Training Centre on Košická cesta 2 and its professional classrooms and workshops.

We would like to express our thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Open Day.

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