Innovation & Creativity Camp: Transport-education project for the secondary school students

Skills-for-the-future-LogoJunior Achievement Slovakia, non-profit organization in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic prepared a daylong competition for the secondary school students to raise awareness among young people about safety in transport, give them knowledge about innovation, problem solving, and also stimulate their business and entrepreneurial spirit.

Innovation camp was an all-day competition, where 51 students worked for 12 hours on a real assignment. Students competed in randomly formed three-member teams, where with the assistance of consultants, their creativity and innovative ideas they looked for a suitable solution of the problem raised.

blog-junior-achievement-logoOur school was represented by the following students: František Bačinský, Andrej Mikula, Lukáš Jánošík, Jaroslav Kais, Martin Drexler, Vladimír Chovanec, the students of the class III.AP and Vanesa Šimlíková, Terézia Mravcová, Lukáš Šuška, Nikola Volochová, Mária Ďurišová, Dajana Oravcová of the class III.BP guided by Mgr. Mária Sikorová and Ing. Martiny Čelková.

The competition was held on 14th November 2013 in the hotel Holliday Inn in Bratislava.

Video reportáž zo zmieňovanej akcie je na tejto linke (od 7:15).