Meeting of the educational advisers

DSCF3848Mgr. Anna Medviďová, who has been organising these meetings for several years in the close cooperation with the educational adviser for the vocational branches, Mgr. Ivana Kubalová, welcomed the educational advisers in the Transport Academy on 29th October 2013.

The educational advisers play important and irreplaceable role in the counselling students when they make choice: Where after they finish studying at the elementary school?

Mgr. Medviďová welcomed the present advisers, acquainted them with the programme and thanked the participants for accepting the invitation.

In the meeting took part the school manager Ing. Rudolf Michalec, the head of the Centre of professional practice Milan Hruška, as well as Ing. Peter Balát – the master of vocational training.

Ing. Rudolf Michalec, the school manager, in the CD presentation gave information about the basic terms of schools, studying and vocational branches, and success of the graduates on the labour market, as well as in the universities. He also highlighted the school perspectives, moreover, he emphasized that the expert committee of company  INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION SOCIETY LTD, which is based in London, proposed to the management IES to assign rating BBB, i.e. ,,Highly erudite and professionally managed institution” to the educational institution Dopravná Akadémia in Žilina. He informed that the school became the Centre of professional practice and training for the automobile industry.

Ing. Peter Balát – the master of vocational training informed about the project „The secondary vocational education development“, which is implemented by ŠIOV and the project sponsor is the Guild of car dealers. Moreover, he emphasized the importance of dual system, i.e. the linking training directly to employers.

The head of the Centre of professional practice, Košická 2, Žilina (SOP), Milan Hruška gave proposal to take a chance of opportunity to implement the lessons of polytechnic education in the workshops of SOP in the Košická street.

He also invited the teachers and pupils of the partner elementary schools to the prepared Day of Open Door.

During the lively and creative discussion the educational advisers expressed recognition to the school management, as well as the teachers for highly Professional work.

Nevertheless, such praise on the part of public pleases, but it also commits to better results.

The educational advisers went through the most updated classes of school, which are equipped by the electronic teacher’s table, interactive boards and notebooks. The meeting concluded with giving the propagation leaflets, presents with the school logo and common lunch and afterwards the educational advisers took the advantage of visiting the department of SOP in Košická 2, Žilina.

We are looking forward to the next mutual cooperation!


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