Cooperation – Transport Academy in Žilina (DA) and the local branch of The Unity of Pensioners in Slovakia, Žilina (ZO JDS)

DSCF3834This school year, the Transport Academy continues its cooperation with ZO JDS in Žilina. The first meeting was held on October 23, 2013 in the premises of the Transport Academy, where seniors and students met for a little bit of competition. After all, each of us was once a child, competitive and playful. So let it happen again.

The initial word was taken and all were welcomed by the Principal of the Transport Academy Ing. Rudolf Michalec. On behalf of seniors Alžbeta Vítová, the Chairwoman of ZO JDS, Žilina, expressed gratitude and recognized the possibility of mutual cooperation. The whole event took place in a friendly atmosphere where students and seniors shared their knowledge in the fields of education, local government and culture and discussed the life experiences of the JDS members.

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