Dear Students, Teaching Staff and Friends

DSCF3502I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you back to school, all relaxed and full of  physical and mental strength, in the new school year 2013/2014. We truly hope that you have a desire to work and study hard, because education is of great importance today. The world around us is changing rapidly and asks for those who are independent, able to use knowledge or quickly gain new information. To achieve this goal, we need to have a solid education with the emphasis on communication technologies and language skills.

Each school year is different, with always someone new or someone who we miss, someone who we have become accustomed to, but life goes on. You can meet new teachers as well as students. I believe that we can expect only pleasant moments of learning, look forward to deserved results and be aware of all  positive aspects that  new school year will bring along.

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This new beginning is also a new start of meaningful work that moves forward the whole of our society.

Dear teachers, colleagues, we wish you good health, creativity and enthusiasm so that you and your students will enjoy the success and progress achieved during the school year. We also wish you respect, appreciation and good relations with your students. As said by J. A. Comenius, „School mustn’t be a place, a labyrinth but a game, a feast and a paradise“.

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